10 Benefits of Print Advertising

We’ve all heard the phrase “print is dead” before. More than ever businesses are choosing to focus their energy and resources in online media and abandoning printed marketing pieces. Simply disregarding printed advertising all together, without  the proper evidence that this is the best move for your specific business, could mean missing out on reaching your audience and impacting your target market. Here are ten reasons why print is alive and well, and why printed media can have an important place in your business’ next campaign.

1. Print is Tangible

Educational research has indicated that we are more likely to remember something the more we are able to interact with it. By physically turning the pages in a publication, or unfolding a brochure more of our senses are engaged in the process, leaving a stronger impact on an audience. Furthermore a tangible print ad can last for an indefinite amount of time, where an online ad will disappear after a certain period. Magazines and other publications can be passed between friends and families and kept in a home for years.

2. Print Stands Out

With so many businesses switching their campaigns to be solely online a print ad stands out more now than ever before. Your direct mailer is less likely to be lost in a sea of flyers now that the public is receiving far less. While  print advertisements have been around for quite some time, its quite possible to create new and fresh print pieces. With good design and new creative printing techniques your piece can still look like something your audience has never seen before.

3. Print is Credible

Whether it is true or not, people tend to believe a printed article over an online one. With internet content becoming more easily editable than ever, people are trusting what they read online less and less. The rich history of print design means that a company using print design can earn more prestige and respect from their audience. Well established companies have been using print marketing long before online marketing was an option. By using print marketing you can make your company seem established and credible through association. It is also important to mention that readers of magazines tend to be very loyal. A reader will often subscribe to one publication for a number of years. Associating your business with a publication that is already trusted can be very valuable.

4. Print is Informative

Along with a growing distrust for the information online, growing knowledge of internet virus and scams are making some people less likely to click a link on an online ad. Because online ads tend to be quite small, clicking on the ad is vital to delivering information to a target market. A print ad, however can deliver more pertinent information to the public much easier and with no percieved risk .

5. Print is More Eco Friendly than Ever Before

Although online ads obviously have less waste associated with them than print ads, there are still some environmentally options available. If staying green is something that is important to your business, you can choose a recycled paper option or include a message on your printed piece encouraging your audience to recycle. It is also worth noting that recycling is becoming more and more common both within households and commercial buildings.

6. Print is Gaining Appeal

Public opinion of print saw a decline with the rise of the internet, but an opposite effect is beginning to take place. More than ever since the online age began people are consciously choosing to unplug. Many individuals and families are setting aside specific windows where they can exist without their phones, social media, internet and televisions. This is a growing group of people that can be more easily targeted through print.

7. Print is Less Expensive Than You May Think

Printing techniques have greatly advanced since companies began using printed advertisements, making printing far more affordable for businesses than it used to be.

8. Print is Engaging

Websites are often skimmed while a user is searching for a specific piece of information. The printed word, however, has a much higher retention. This is the same reason that teachers suggest students take notes by hand rather than on their laptops and reading study materials in a text book rather than online.

9. Print Creates High Ad Recall

It is also in studies that in general, people are far more likely to be multi-tasking while online. When online, people are often switching between webpages, chatting on social media, jotting notes and a number of other activities. People reading a newspaper or magazine, however, are more likely to simply sit and give all their attention to that activity. This makes an eye-catching ad in a magazine quite memorable.

10. Print Can Target Specific Markets

Proper placement of your print ad can allow your ad to effectively reach a particular demographic. Print ads can be carefully placed to target people in specific areas or people who may use particular facilities or services. Print ads can reach niche markets through placement in particular publications or specific placement within a publication. Direct mailers can be used to target people who live in specific areas.

Online media is also here to stay as well so it is important not to ignore online marketing either. Careful analysis can determine which is better for your business and combining online and print media can be very powerful. It is important to stay open to many marketing opportunities to find what will work best for your next campaign.

2 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Print Advertising

  • Some great reasons not to forsake print marketing in a digital world. I definitely agree that people regard print with an air of credibility. A well designed and professionally printed brochure can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Combine and integrate your print with your digital marketing strategies for optimum marketing prowess.

  • Hello! I’d just like to offer a huge thumbs up for this awesome piece you’ve got here. It’s true that current trend is online/social media marketing but there are some limitations to it also. Suppose if you participate in an event or taken part in an exhibition at that time you require a brochure or a business card of your company/brand to present yourself. At that time would you ask visitor to go online and visit your website for company details?

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