Why Google+ is Awesome

When I tell people about Google+ the response is usually something about how it’s “just like Facebook.” And that’s true to a point: Google+ is similar to Facebook in that you type some stuff, press enter, and then your friends can read that stuff. What makes Google+ awesome is how it does all that stuff better.

This is what love looks like…

I read romance novels. Yep, that’s right I read them and love them. In fact if you ever find yourself in a conversation with me about books, romance novels will inevitably come up and the next thing you know you’ll have 3 or 4 books forced upon you. I will then harass you until you read them and confess how much you love them too. The only thing I love as much as reading romance novels is getting other people to read them too. Of course this applies mostly to the ladies.

I could make that…

You know you’re Dutch when you have a pair of wooden shoes, you know that Gouda is the best cheese ever, you have cousins who wear size 14 shoes and are over 6’4″, and you have an illustration of a windmill on at least one surface in your house (extra points if it’s in Delft blue). The most prominent indicator that you’re Dutch…everything is Do-It-Yourself – it’s cheaper than hiring someone!

Rock it, Don’t Stop it.

Rock the Vote Canada T-Shirt Contest

Who Needs A Professional Camera?

Look around you, how many cameras are in your immediate vicinity?  For me it’s six (my office is also the studio, so it’s kind of a loaded question), but for most people it’s at least two.  You probably have one in your phone, one in your computer, maybe even a point and shoot kicking about at your desk. When everyone has access to cameras nowadays, why would you need to go out and buy a $1000 DSLR?  The simple answer is, you don’t.