Office Olympics Closing Ceremonies

The end of the Pure Vision 2014 Office Olympics has arrived! We’ve had a complete blast over the past 2 weeks competing against each other but also working together as a team. There’s nothing like the Olympics to bring everyone together for a little bit of patriotic team building. It’s been a lot of fun!

Office Olympics Office Chair Luge

Our final event of the Pure Vision Office Olympics was the Office Chair Luge, which required athletes to sit in their office chairs and use all of their arm strength to propel themselves forward in a timed event, similar to the Longboard Skeleton event we completed earlier in our Olympics.

Office Olympics Office Chair Curling

Our sixth event in the Pure Vision Office Olympics was Office Chair Curling! Our athletes would have willingly competed in this event all day, because it was so FUN. Athletes used rolling office chairs as their stones while sitting on the chair knees first, along for the ride. This resulted in bumper office chairs which is basically the best thing ever.

Sochi 2014: Epic Fails

In the light of having our office Olympics, I was inspired to continue with the theme. However while our own games ran smoothly and as planned most of the time (minus a few little last minute rule changes =P and a luge office chair that was not up to the Olympic standards), the official Olympics preparation suffered quite a few blunders. Undoubtedly by now the internet has countless photos of building defects, translation errors and other amusing incidents from the Sochi Olympics.

Office Olympics File Folder Cross Country Ski

The fifth event in the Pure Vision Office Olympics was a hilarious and resourceful round of File Folder Cross Country Skiing! This sport consisted of a timed lap around the office with office file folders taped to our feet in the shape of skis. Athletes were not allowed to lift their feet off the ground so motion was restricted to a ridiculous sort of speed-shuffle.

Office Olympics Longboard Skeleton

Our first event in the Pure Vision Office Olympics yesterday was the Longboard Skeleton! This consisted of laying stomach down on a longboard, giving yourself a single big push using only your hands and launching yourself down the hallway, head first. EXTREME!!

Office Olympics Mini Stick Hockey

Day 3 of the Pure Vision Office Olympics brought us a heated game of mini stick hockey. Sticks at the ready, athletes went head to head in classic shoot-out form. A tense game of rock, paper, scissors determined who was in net for each round. Each player was allowed three shots at net, with the highest number of goals advancing to the semi-finals. The three winners of the semi-finals then battled it out for the highest number of goals against each other for medal standings.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Pure Vision!

If you are a business or company you already know (we hope) that there is an unlimited number of actions that will affect the way the public perceives your brand. The same is true for an individual’s personal brand; the impression people have of one another can be impacted by things such as the type of language used, the style of clothing worn, or even, the gifts that one gives.

Office Olympics Speed Typing

As an homage to Speed Skating, today’s event at the Pure Vision Office Olympics was Speed Typing! Athletes did finger push-ups, finger curls and practiced their jazz hands to prepare for the event. Each athlete was given the luxury of using their own computer to do the test, with the direction to take a screenshot of their results for the final scoreboard. Each mistake made during the test resulted in the value of one word per minute taken off of your final WPM count.

Office Olympics Nerf Gun Biathlon

The first event of the Pure Vision Office Olympics was the NERF GUN BIATHLON! Athletes completed a single timed lap around the office in proper speed-walking form, with one foot always on the ground and nerf gun in hand, cocked and ready. A series of 5 targets were placed on the route, alternating between standing and lying down targets.