6 Things I’ve Learned as a Working Mom

Moms are awesome. Since becoming one myself I can truly say it is the hardest job out there. In honour of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a few things that I’ve learned being a working mom.

Sometimes I’m not there when my kids wake up, or when they go to bed. Sometimes we don’t eat dinner until 7:30pm. Most weeknights I only get to spend a couple hours with them after my husband and I both get home from work, and most of that time is spent making supper and then coaxing the boys to eat it. I don’t make treat bags for all of the kids at school for special events. I never remember to make invitations for the boys’ birthday party. I let them watch tv when things need to get done or when they are tired and cranky for a break. Sometimes kids cry over nothing, or everything (if you need a good laugh check out #reasonsmysoniscrying). I can truly say I very much value and enjoy the precious time I do get to spend with my kids, as well as the time I get to spend as an adult in my career. We all make sacrifices to find the perfect balance of career and family time in our lives, and it works for us.


You can never predict what will happen when kids are involved. One day you think you have it all figured out then the next night your son decides he never wants to go to bed ever again and spends an hour sitting at the bottom of the stairs before he passes out. Makes for a cute picture and a funny story later though, am I right?


Sometimes its worth the fight, but I’ve also learned it’s important to remember that they are also little humans with feelings and are entitled to having an off day for one reason or another, just like you are. Sometimes it’s better for everyone to let them eat that bag of Cheezies or watch another episode of Paw Patrol. Everyone will be happier.


This is so cliché, but could not be any more true. As I watch my 2 boys grow from babies into kids in front of me, I’m reminded every day that this time in our lives is a short blip and we’ll be on to the next stage/phase before we know it. I remember when I first came back to work and they were teething and miserable and adjusting to not being at home during the day; so much lost sleep and tears. Now it seems like a lifetime ago. I’ve learned to do what works best for you at the time and adapt as time goes by, because things will always change.

Coming back to the point that while this parenting gig is not an easy one, we are fortunate enough to have fantastic people in our lives that help to care for our kids while we work. It’s been wonderful to see the boys develop special relationships with them as they grow up. My advice to anyone who has kids is to take advantage of any help offered by friends and family, and if you have the capacity to, reciprocate. Cause hey, we all need help now and then.

It’s not easy, but I wouldn’t change it, and I refuse to feel guilty about my choice to work. I have worked hard to get where I am, and having a career I love gives me the balance I need in my life, and I’m a better mom for it. I’m very proud to be a mom and also be a part of the awesome team here at KEEN Creative, and both make up the fabric of who I am.

Having kids is a wonderful thing that is full of highs and lows, no matter what your choices are in your career. Stay at home or work from home, work part time or full time – I’m here to say to all moms out there… You are so enough. No matter what you are doing, it’s what is right for you and your family, and you are doing a great job.


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