7 Ways to Enjoy Summer at the Office

It’s officially summer! The days are longer, the sun is brighter, the air is warmer, everyone and their dog is posting pictures of flowers in bloom or chilled drinks in their hand (I’m totally guilty of this one), and patios are open all over the city. With such a short summer season here in Edmonton, we’ve got to take advantage of this time of year and make the most of it! There’s just one thing – some of us work a full time job that’s indoors during the day.

We all know the feeling of sitting at a desk in the an air conditioned office, looking longingly outside at the warm summer sunshine, wishing that your boss would let you move your entire desk just so that you could be outside…but you know what’s easier? Bringing summertime to the office! Here is a list of 7 ways to enjoy summer at the office, and keep summertime happiness at at all time high.

PureVision_SummerInTheOffice_ParkMeeting1) Have a Meeting in the Park

On especially cheerful mornings, the KEEN Creative team walks to the local park about a block away to have a meeting in the sunshine. This change of scenery is a great way to get some vitamin D,  boost your mood, and increase creativity. Start your work day on a happy note and get outside for a half hour!


2) Make yourself an Iced Coffee

Instead of starting your day with a hot coffee, try it on ice instead! This is a great way to cool down while still getting your daily caffeine fix. All you need is a tupperware container and a bit of ice.

Step 1: Make your coffee and pour it into a pint glass, only filling the glass halfway. This is important, as you want all of your coffee to come in contact with the ice bath so it chills thoroughly.

Step 2: Fill a tupperware container with ice, leaving one inch of room at the top. Add cold water just until the ice starts to float.

Step 3: Put your coffee into the center of the ice bath and jiggle it around to help speed the chilling process. When the ice is mostly melted and the glass is frosty, it’s done!

Step 4: Remove your glass from the tupperware container, top the coffee with fresh ice and a splash of milk/cream/sugar. Boom. Summer in a cup.

For photos of each step, read more about iced coffee at the office here.

PureVision_SummerInTheOffice_SummerPlaylist3) Listen to a Summer Inspired Playlist

To set the summertime mood, play some music that is upbeat and infuses the office atmosphere with some energy! The best kind of tunes will make you feel like you’re spending an afternoon at the beach, having drinks on a patio, or cruising down an open road with the top down. Here’s a little playlist of a few summertime songs that we’re playing at KEEN Creative to get you started:



4) Squeeze in a Lunchtime Workout

Get moving during the lunch hour and head outside for a lunchtime workout. Not only does a lunchtime workout save you time in your busy schedule before and after work, but it also makes you feel pretty awesome for the rest of the afternoon. A group of us at the office has been doing this for about 3-4 weeks now, and it feels great! KEEN Creative gives you 8 Benefits of a Lunchtime Workout.


5) Hold a Paper Airplane Race

Grab a piece of paper, try and remember the proper paper folding technique for an airplane that will actually fly, or Google it instead like I did. You can even take it one step further and draw some decorations on your plane to personalize it. Once your aircraft is complete, get outside for a quick 15 minutes of fun. Make it a competition with your co-workers and see who’s aircraft can fly the farthest! You can even go crazy and give prizes for the farthest flyer, the crash-and-burner (there’s always one!) or the one with the most creative decorations.


 6) Enjoy an Ice Cream Treat

We like treats at KEEN Creative, and we’re known to consume obscene amounts of ice cream over the course of the summer. Last year we ate our way through 22.8 litres of ice cream, with all the fixin’s. Bulk Barn is a great place to find a variety of toppings, from mini M&M’s to classic rainbow sprinkles, with a dash of peanuts and a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce (or both)! On a Friday at the office, set up an ice cream buffet and everyone can get creative! To step it up a notch, bring in freshly baked cookies and make yourself an ice cream sandwich. You can read more about KEEN Creative’s obsession with ice cream here.


7) Download some Summertime Desktop Wallpapers

Perk up your digital office space with a summery desktop wallpaper! In between tasks, a fun desktop background is bound to bring a smile to your face and remind you that life in the summer is pretty great. Here’s a few that I made just for you, to download if you’d like!


Beach, Please! 2560 x 1440


Just Chillin’ 2560 x 1440


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