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It has been about 6 weeks since I started at Pure Vision and the time has come to write my first blog post! Easier said than done, I am struggling with what to say.  I will start off by saying I love my new job here a Pure Vision… from great creative work, to Foosball games, to afternoon ice cream I have been warmly welcomed into the office by the fantastic team here!

Having this new opportunity to work with many varied clients on several different projects is allowing me to flex my creative muscles and often I like to look at several different sources for design inspiration. So in this blog post I will share a few great design sites, both some of my favorites, and some shared from my fellow Pure Vision team members in the past couple of weeks, that get the creative juices flowing.

A couple of sites that are great for logo inspiration are Logo Pond & Logo Faves browsing these sites can help trigger totally new ideas when working on developing branding.

I absolutely love the site The Best Designs. This is a web design focused site (and yes I am a print designer) but I find the variety of innovative ideas and styles represented on this site can provide inspiration for all types of design. This also tends to be a great place to find the websites of creative studios from around the world that provide hundreds of galleries displaying some of the best and most current design work happening in the industry.

Another great site is Graphic Exchange which showcases some beautiful work across a variety of different creative fields from print & web design, to packaging, interiors, and photography.

A couple other personal favorites include:

Ptarmak studio’s site showcases a variety of different great design work and packaging.

Jessica Hische creates beautiful and unique typography, illustration, and design work.

Kuler is a great design resource for color scheme inspiration for any project.

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