Beat Those Edmonton Winter Blues
Edmonton Winter

It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s time to beat those Edmonton Winter Blues!

Let’s face it folks…Edmonton winter is here! That cold, frigid, frosty air, those dark skies, slippery streets, and the overall dreary mood that follows.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones feeling like the chill is slowing down our creative energy.

Well it’s time to cheer up and get those creative ideas flowing again! We’ve put together some ideas to help you keep your sanity and make the most out of these winter months!

1. Embrace the Cold!

This idea may be hard to accept, but if we absolutely have to survive through this dreaded winter, at least we are lucky enough to live in a city that offers plenty of amazing outdoor activities to make the most out of these winter months!

These events are a great way to find some inspiration and embrace the season. Here’s just a short list of all of the fantastic winter outdoor activities you can find here in Edmonton:

Ice on Whyte | January 25-28 and February 1-4, 2018

A winter festival complete with ice sculptures, a painting party, a whiskey stew-off, and even an ice bar.

Ice Castles at Hawrelak Park | January to March, 2018

Walk through a massive 0.4 hectare ice castle, containing 11 million kgs of ice and reaching 12 metres high!

Silver Skate Festival | February 9-19, 2018

This festival has it all. Bring your loved ones out for skating, horse-drawn sleigh rides, live music, and delicious bannock.

Red Bull Crashed Ice | March 9-10, 2018

Watch racers reach speeds of over 60km/hour on this insane downhill ice track.


2. Experience Edmonton Indoors

Edmonton's Muttart Conservatory at night

Edmonton is a fantastic city to be in during the summer months. There are so many outdoor festivals, concerts, patio parties, and river floats to name a few. It’s easy to forget about all of the awesome indoor experiences that Edmonton has to offer as well. Spend the winter months exploring some of Edmonton’s best indoor attractions:

Learn & explore in Edmonton

Be entertained in Edmonton


3. Hibernate At Home

Admit it, the best way to spend a cold winter evening is in your comfiest pair of sweatpants and fuzzy socks, sipping on a hot cup of cocoa …and that’s ok! Whether it’s getting in some solid relaxation time or getting yourself organized, here are some great ways to take advantage of your time at home.


Take on a project

From organizing to home decor, there are so many neat DIY projects out there to pass the time in winter and kick that creative energy into gear again. Check out Pinterest for some DIY inspiration, or see our list of local Edmonton workshops.

Plan a trip

The best way to take your mind off of winter is by having something awesome to look forward to. Perhaps you want to escape to the beach, backpack through Europe, or simply visit other parts of Canada. Get to work on planning your next vacation! On the plus side, the sooner you plan, the more time you have to save up some spending money.

Watch a movie series

Everyone is crazy about the latest TV series on Netflix, but let’s not forget about all of those fun movie series that we were all once crazy about—Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mission: Impossible, The Hunger Games—whichever your fav was, watch it again and hunt for Easter eggs to see the films with a fresh perspective.


How do you plan to beat the winter blues? Post a comment below, or send us a Tweet and let us know! Our friends at Explore Edmonton have even more ideas with upcoming events happening around the city, so get out there and find your winter inspiration!

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