Our Big Awkward Family

As the KEEN Creative team has been growing, we have been playing a little bit of musical chairs. Just before Christmas, Matt’s office moved over to our Push Print headquarters just down the road. I guess we’re all just a little too distracting for him here at the KEEN office. For Christmas, we wanted to find a way to bring the whole gang to Matt’s new office so he would feel at home. This is where the awkward family photo comes in. We all got uncomfortably close and matchy on a very small sofa and worked our magic to make an amazing, extremely large canvas. This gem is now hanging beautifully in Matt’s office above his desk.

Here’s the winning photo. The photos are a little wider than this to feature an intentional insanely messy workspace, because we knew Matt would have to stare at it all day long and it would drive him bonkers.



Here are some of the ridiculously good looking outtakes: PV_FamilyPhoto_0000_Layer 6 PV_FamilyPhoto_0001_Layer 5 PV_FamilyPhoto_0002_Layer 4 PV_FamilyPhoto_0003_Layer 3PV_FamilyPhoto_0005_Layer 1

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