Bob’s Red Mill Video is the Icing on the Cake

Do not take this lightly. I love to bake. I’m sure being a Graphic Designer has something to do with it; that, and my keen passion for process. I don’t spend my evenings bingeing on Netflix or watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead. I spend most evenings tuning into cooking and baking shows or getting creative in the kitchen. Baking. Is. Always. On. My. Mind.

Recently I came across a promotional video for Bob’s Red Mill that really hit the mark. You have probably seen their products on the shelves of your local grocery store – small transparent bags revealing wholesome flours, grains, cereals and mixes. Their products definitely have a place on my cupboard shelves! The company story is a mixture of down-to-earth heart and passion, with its founder Bob Moore as the face of the company. He actually graces the label of each package. It feels like you are buying your bag of oats from your Grandfather – what’s more honest and approachable than that?

So what makes this video so impressive? It has a great balance between the passion and the art of baking. It emotionally connects with the viewer, the home baker. What keeps people interested and engaged? Emotion, telling a story, cutting straight to the heart, a spark of inspiration and of course the golden finish on a warm and gooey cookie. Bob’s Red Mill really nailed it on the head when they say “…beneath the swirls of butter, flour and eggs, smothered in aroma and warmth, is love.” And that is why people bake. You are giving a piece of your heart, a little bit of kindness wrapped in a flaky crust or smothered with icing.

Visually, the video is sharp and quick, complimented by upbeat music that just makes you want to pull out the wooden spoon and get baking. The one minute video takes you through the process of a recipe, expertly highlighted with closely cropped shots that get intimate with the textures of food. From preheating the oven, to slow motion clips of the angelic pour of oil or the splatter of a cracked egg on the rim of a bowl. The ingredients are brought to life with time lapse shots of baked goods rising in the oven and sprinkled with shots of home bakers plating their love and connecting with friends and family. It all comes together like the perfect pie. I’m licking the plate clean for Bob’s Red Mill!

If you’re feeling inspired to market your company with a video that will connect with your audience, the KEEN Creative team is at the ready to capture your vision. Check out the videos below to see some of our recent client work!

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