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KEEN brand story and culture

A brand is more than a logo; a brand is the company, the vision, and the personality that surround the products and services we choose to support. When it comes to customer loyalty, your brand story seals the deal. In the age of social media, brands are able to showcase their culture as many of us are interacting and engaging with some of our favourites. Here at KEEN, our company culture is something very important to us and we like to share what we love and what we’re up to on social all day, err’day.

A while ago, a bunch of our KEEN-ers attended Matt’s panel talk “Why Does Company Culture Matter?” at Capital Ideas. Matt, alongside Geha Gonthier of Wellness on Whyte and Neil Herbst of Alley Kat Brewing Company, discussed the importance of company culture and how it makes them unique. For all of us KEEN-ers, it’s the little things that matter… like sunshine breaks and bubblegum! And you can see we shared a lot of our photos in real time, at the event.  

KEEN brand culture
Nowadays, many companies are advertising less about their specific products and services and more about their brand story as a whole. Lululemon is a great example of a company that hits the nail on the head as a cult favourite lifestyle brand. Their social media is less about their products and more about how those products contribute to living a healthy lifestyle. Lululemon has built their company around encouraging others to live healthy, active lives in their communities and their social media shares this message. For years, Lululemon has grown an insane following and their consumers strive for the lifestyle they portray by continuing to purchase their products. And I think if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, I always feel like the best motivation to hit the gym is to have a fresh outfit.

Lululemon’s social media uses a mixture of user curated and Lululemon created content. With a strong focus on community, they also have separate social media accounts in major cities to feature local events and happenings. Their strong following online and minimal traditional marketing spend is a testament of the culture they have created and proves their message is one many people want to share.

Brand culture lulu lemon

When a company understands their target audience and is able to speak to their target market online, beautiful things will happen. There are many examples of brands that have hit home runs with viral content but here are a few of my personal fave killin’ the social media game with their brand story:

1. Taco Bell

They understand the cult following they have and the overall trending obsession people have with tacos. Because well, tacos are the best.

Brand story taco bell2. Charmin

Charmin’s witty tweets show that they don’t take themselves too seriously… I mean, it’s toilet paper and are toilet jokes ever not funny? Don’t lie to yourself now.

Brand story charmin 3. Hamburger Helper

My personal fave, good ol’ Hamburger Helper. To target a younger demographic they were successful by simply entertaining these customers. Their Twitter captures their audience with references to hilarious memes and Lil Wayne. To tie it all together, they even dropped a mixtape that I’d say is pretty fire.

brand culture hamburger helper2Brand story hamburger helper


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