5 KEEN Designers Weigh in on Terrible Movie Posters
5 KEEN Designers Weigh in on Terrible Movie Posters

The end of this year’s film awards season inspired us to take a look back on some of the worst, cringe-inducing movie posters of all time! Movie posters are a quintessential piece of promotion. When done right, they can drive the masses to a multi-million dollar production in droves.

10 Creative Workshops in Edmonton
10 Creative Workshops in Edmonton

There’s nothing like attending one of the many creative workshops available in Edmonton to get your creative juices flowing.

The Best of: You can’t spell TGIF without GIF!
The Best of: You can’t spell TGIF without GIF!

Every Friday since October 9th (that’s a lot of Fridays!) I’ve been sending out emails to the whole team titled “You can’t spell TGIF without GIF”. These emails are basically a dump of hilarious and awesome GIFs that I’ve scoured the internet for. Who doesn’t need that kind of pep on a Friday!? Here’s the best of the best since October.

The Mind of Web Developers

Throughout my years of programming, there have been some quirky things I’ve noticed that we web developers do that is sometimes a little different than everyone else at the office. We’ve also seen our share of “complaints” about some of the things we do. Programmers can be a strange bunch. Here’s a few of the more obvious quirks, explained!

6 Things I’ve Learned as a Working Mom

Moms are awesome. Since becoming one myself I can truly say it is the hardest job out there. In honour of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a few things that I’ve learned being a working mom.

Everything is Awesome

I’ve always been fascinated by building things and how you can take a simple block and combine it with others to create some really cool stuff. Lately, I’ve been constantly reminded of this by my 4 year old nephew. I would watch him take various blocks and turn it into a robot, then a bridge for his cars to drive over, and then add in the wittiness of my sister and you get “Bob Bot”.

Our Big Awkward Family

As the KEEN Creative team has been growing, we have been playing a little bit of musical chairs. Just before Christmas, Matt’s office moved over to our Push Print headquarters just down the road. I guess we’re all just a little too distracting for him here at the KEEN office. For Christmas, we wanted to find a way to bring the whole gang to Matt’s new office so he would feel at home. This is where the awkward family photo comes in.

Background music: Boost or Bummer?

There seems to be two main categories of people when it comes to the topic of music and productivity: those who need complete silence to concentrate and those who can’t imagine working without background noise in order to achieve maximum potential.

We scream for Ice Cream!

Here’s the scoop: we’ve recently been blessed with 11.4 litres of vanilla ice cream and 11.4 litres of chocolate ice cream from our pals at the Ice Cream Depot. All is fun and games until you’ve had one too many Ice Cream Fridays of just vanilla and chocolate. Even if you don’t have as much ice cream as we do, you could probably add a little flavour to your plain ol’ ice cream. Let’s take a look at some ways to jazz it up:

When marketing goes wrong; importance of research.

Sometimes I think that humans developed somewhat of a fascination with watching others struggle. Consider the amount of internet entertainment that is solely based on fails, slips, stumbles and overall public embarrassment.