From Pure Vision to KEEN: The how and why of our rebrand
From Pure Vision to KEEN: The how and why of our rebrand

Why rebrand? Why now? Why KEEN? Same awesome company. Way more potential. Rebrands can be exciting times, and with the Pure Vision to KEEN Creative rebrand, we couldn’t be more thrilled. A brand isn’t just a logo, or a website, or a tagline. It’s a reflection of who you are and what you have to offer the world. It is a critical element of your business that should have the potential to grow with your company.

Emoji ❤️ Part 2: Emojis in Marketing
Emoji ❤️ Part 2: Emojis in Marketing

Marketing teams are finding more ways to include emojis than just using them in emails and tweets. Companies are incorporating emojis in a number of campaigns, to create stronger brand engagement with their target audience, appear more relatable, and create interest in their online campaigns. Many companies are using emojis online to generate buzz about upcoming events or products.

Emoji ❤️ Part 1: Why you should use emojis
Emoji ❤️ Part 1: Why you should use emojis

These days emojis are everywhere. These small, letter-sized graphics used in online communication have become a cultural phenomenon, with emoji graphics adorning everything including jewelry, clothing,

Landing a creative job after university in 5 easy steps

Landing a job right out of college or university is tough for anyone. Landing a creative job in a great agency right out of college or university during an economic downturn is terrifying. So how does one land a sweet gig at a sweet agency after graduating? Here are a few tips from a recent grad who did just that (at KEEN, obviously).

The Value of Rebranding

Unless you’ve been hibernating under a rock, you’ve probably noticed something different when you opened your browser to Google in the morning: Google has a shiny new logo. The brand refresh has been a long time coming, with its serif font, awkwardly spaced letters and out-dated gradient effects.

10 Benefits of Print Advertising

We’ve all heard the phrase “print is dead” before. More than ever businesses are choosing to focus their energy and resources in online media and abandoning printed marketing pieces. Simply disregarding printed advertising all together, without  the proper evidence that this is the best move for your specific business, could mean missing out on reaching your audience and impacting your target market.

Copywriting for the Web

Here at KEEN we work on a lot of websites. It’s a long process and for everything to run smoothly the client counts on us to understand their goal, communicate it effectively and get the job done in a timely manner. Not only does the client count on us, but we also count on the client. It is important that the client has a clear understanding of what they want their new website to achieve, and also has the content to populate said website.

Colour Schmolour

Either you need to add an image to the web, or you’ve got logo files with different file names but you don’t know what to do with them, you likely will need to consider colour. In the design world, colour is crucial and ensuring the right colours are used help us brand your company in a consistent way.

We’re Off to the 2015 Redgees April 20!

We’ve got some big news over here at KEEN Creative. We’re FINALISTS in this year’s 2015 Redgee Awards!

Bob’s Red Mill Video is the Icing on the Cake

Do not take this lightly. I love to bake. I’m sure being a Graphic Designer has something to do with it; that, and my keen passion for process. I don’t spend my evenings bingeing on Netflix or watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead. I spend most evenings tuning into cooking and baking shows or getting creative in the kitchen. Baking. Is. Always. On. My. Mind.