We’re going to CAMP!

There’s this really awesome digital design conference in Calgary that’s starting on Sunday, and a few of us from Pure Vision are going! It’s called CAMP Festival and the speaker lineup is jam packed with talent and genius.

Virtually the Best Thing Ever!

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset offering high performance, affordable virtual reality. Oculus VR initially raised $91 million USD for the development of the Rift through a Kickstarter campaign and selling Developer Kits.

Web Construction

So you want to build a website but you have no idea where to start? It can be a scary process if it’s your first time but the whole process is comparable to building a house. The best thing is that there is no mortgage attached to the website.

Tools I Can’t Live Without… Web Dev Edition

Sublime Text I find I can equate text editors to being in a relationship someone.

Let’s get organized!

Let’s talk about goals for a second. (and completely ignore that I sadly was the first person to miss my blog week deadline, better late than never right?) Early this year us folks here at PV all got together and set out goals for ourselves both personal and corporate. One of my goals was to get better organized and improve team communication on projects.

The Amazing Animated Web

Not too long ago Flash was the hottest thing in web design. The animation abilities it offered seduced many into creating their web presence in this format. While good Flash sites existed, all too often not enough consideration was given to usability or content. Instead, efforts seemed concentrated into making things as “cool” as possible.

Pure Vision Responsive Web Design
The Chameleon Approach to Design

Responsive design is a tricky, mischievous beast that will bow to no one (unless you try super hard!). Faced with an ever-expanding array of media, devices and tools with which to engage end users through websites, apps and social media, we are no longer simply making sites look pretty on desktop computers. Companies need to understand that, these days, a website is just one means by which a full story is communicated to the people.

Switching to Google Chrome

So today faced with a bit of down time I downloaded Google Chrome to my computer here in the office (I have had Chrome on my home computer for a while now) and was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make the switch!

Hello there Microsoft Surface!

When Apple introduced the iPad to the consumer market, I was one of the few that could not get on board. In my eyes it was an oversized smartphone with a bigger screen (you know its secretly true). In fact, I even went over the first generation iPad specifications and compared it to the specifications of the iPhone at the time only to confirm to my friend that that it was true. Then comes Monday (actually it was Wednesday when I watched it) when Microsoft introduced their tablet, Surface.

How Pinteresting!

There’s a new social network in town, and it’s name is Pinterest!  Before you groan inwardly at the thought of having ANOTHER social media account to add to your shelf of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, let me just say that Pinterest has a slightly different purpose that might intrigue you.