Colour Roulette: December 2016

It’s Colour Roulette time, and boy do we have a fun one for you this month!

If you haven’t been keeping up, Colour Roulette is a creative challenge the KEEN team does each month. We assign a random hex code to a designer (or anyone who wants to participate) and they come up with an original design using that colour. You can see all the previous versions by clicking here. 

All the participating KEENers have already done one round of Colour Roulette, so for December, we decided to switch things up a bit. To add to the challenge, we’ve added an extra random colour into the mix.

Natasia was the first designer up, and she did not disappoint. Her fig design using #b40363 and #509969 is beyond adorable. If you want to use her design as a wallpaper, check out the free downloads below!

Colour Roulette December

Free Wallpaper Downloads: December Colour Roulette

Desktop Wallpapers






Mobile Wallpapers

iPhone 6/7(s)

iPhone 6/7 Plus


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