Colour Roulette: July 2016

Are you so excited for the July edition of Colour Roulette?! You should be! The hex code Nic got was #32c4e8, which is a bright, summery blue. This super fun Princess Bride themed wallpaper by Nic is perfect for any bibliophile.

Not sure what Colour Roulette is? It’s a simple creative challenge our design team does each month. Using a randomly assigned hex code, a designer creates whatever they want using that colour. It’s a great way to stretch your creative muscles AND for the team to see each other’s personal styles and get inspired by one another.

Want to challenge yourself and your team? Give Colour Roulette a try! Share your work with us by using #colourroulette on Instagram or Twitter!

Colour Roulette: July edition

colour roulette july

Colour Roulette July Wallpapers

Desktop downloadable wallpapers


iPhone downloadable wallpapers

We hope you enjoyed this month’s creative challenge! Stay tuned for the next edition at the end of August!

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