Colour Roulette: March 2016

We love creative challenges. We love anything that gets our creative juices flowing and helps us work on our skills. Last month we introduced Colour Roulette, which is a creative challenge we started for us to flex those brain muscles outside of our billable work. The rules are simple: You’re assigned a random hex code, and you have a month to create something (anything!) using that colour.

In February, Danny created an amazing animated gif using his colour, and this month, Lon created the fantastic design below using #eebae1. We’re LOVING this project and the awesome creative work that’s coming out of it.

We’ve decided it would be fun to provide these Colour Roulette designs as downloadable wallpapers, so if you dig this one, you’re more than welcome to download it below and stare at it forever (or until next month when we post a new one).


March Colour Roulette Downloadable Wallpapers:

If you love this and don’t see it in the size you want, let us know and we should be able to export it however you need!

Have you tried Colour Roulette? If so, let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so we can take a look!

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