Colour Roulette: September 2016
Colour roulette september

Happy Colour Roulette day! For the uninitiated, Colour Roulette is a creative challenge our team does. Each month, someone is assigned a random hex code and they have to design something (anything!) using that colour. Usually, we’ll create iPhone and desktop background downloads so that if you love the design, you can look at it all the time!

This month’s design really speaks to our affinity for rap music. (For real, we listen to rap every day.) Tiff was assigned hex code #c5adc8, and she threw in a little Ice Cube (complete with very artistic butt-prints) for her design. Love. It.

If you love it too, take a look at our downloads below!

Colour Roulette September

September Colour Roulette wallpaper downloads:

iPhone/iPad wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers

We’re changing up the creative challenge a bit next month, so stay tuned to find out what’s coming next!

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