Designy New Year’s Resolutions
To Resolve Project

Happy New Year from the Pure Vision team! We hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and found what they asked for under the tree – or went out and bought it on Boxing Day. I certainly did.

Speaking of New Year’s… Have you set a resolution? (Insert moaning and groaning here.) The most popular resolutions usually involve something along the lines of getting in shape, losing weight, or eating healthier. And the terrible thing is, most of us fail to achieve those goals.

When I came across the “To Resolve Project,” I knew I had found the graphic designer’s niche for goal setting. The premise of the project is to design an iPhone background with your resolution. By making your resolution visually beautiful and putting it right in your face, (How many times a day do you check your phone?) you are bound to never forget about your intentions and hopefully stick to it longer.

The deadline to post to the site has unfortunately passed us by, but the template is still available for download to make your own background. Not the designy-type? No problem. You can download any of the 2013 resolution backgrounds here. Or browse through the top 12 from 2012. Hopefully one of them strikes your fancy! If not, they are still nice to look at. So nice in fact, that prints will be made of the top 12 designs from this year.

I plan to make one of these iPhone backgrounds for myself right away – and stick to it! The image below is one my favorite designs. Motivation to get in gear and get stuff done!

“Extract Ass From Chair” by Bryan Butler via

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