KEEN Favourite Five: Edmonton Summer Festivals
Edmonton summer festivals

They don’t call us the festival city for nothin’. No matter what you’re into you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a festival you would want to go to in Edmonton!

Whether it’s eating, watching performances, or experiencing something totally new, there’s an Edmonton festival you’ll like! Us KEENers happen to love our summer festivals, so we decided to create a list of our favourites! We couldn’t possibly rank all of these amazing and unique festivals, so this list is in no particular order!

Laura’s pick: Shakespeare in the Park

Running from June 19 to July 15 this year, Shakespeare in the Park is a way to get everyone excited about the classics! Enjoy a local brew while you kick back and take in an amazing play. The best part? There’s matinee and evening shows running through the month long festival, so you’ll definitely be able to fit it into your schedule!

Matt’s pick: FISE

Running from July 13 to July 15 this year, FISE is a place where thousands of professional and amateur athletes come together to practice their craft. FISE has all of of the extreme sports that you could dream of; skateboarding, mountain biking, parkour and a bunch of others!

Paige’s pick: K-Days

Running from July 20 to July 29 this year, if you haven’t heard of K Days we don’t know where you’ve been! K-Days is known for its food, rides and concerts. It’s the quintessential summer festival!

Amy’s pick: Heritage Days

Running from August fourth to sixth this year, Heritage Days is your chance to sample tons of food from different cultures, see amazing performances, and celebrate our country’s multiculturalism! Be careful though, this festival is only three days long–blink and you’ll miss it!

Dave’s pick: Big Valley Jamboree

Running from August second to sixth this year Big Valley Jamboree is you chance to get your fix of country music. Another plus: Big Valley has camping grounds on site at the festival that creates an amazing sense of community when you’re there!

What do you think of our favourites? Think we missed something? Post a comment below, or send us a message and let us know!


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