Everything is Awesome

I’ve always been fascinated by building things and how you can take a simple block and combine it with others to create some really cool stuff. Lately, I’ve been constantly reminded of this by my 4 year old nephew. I would watch him take various blocks and turn it into a robot, then a bridge for his cars to drive over, and then add in the wittiness of my sister and you get “Bob Bot”.


When we talk about blocks and bricks, one company comes to mind…Lego. Lego has grown into a huge company selling its classic bricks and even expanding its products to include other licenses such as DC Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and much more. Then there are the various Lego video games, which take a humorous approach to re-telling stories from franchises such as Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. I highly recommend these games as they are quite fun and not difficult. And don’t forget about the Lego Movie from last year that pretty much reminded me of my own time growing up with Lego and slowly even I could see myself as Lord Business (just a little bit). This week, Lego made a new announcement.  Lego Jurassic World. Lego. Jurassic Park. Here, just take my money already.

We hear about Lego’s overwhelming success, but, did you know that Lego was once close to bankruptcy? A few months ago I stumbled upon a random documentary named Inside Lego (available on Netflix) that details the history of Lego and the financial crisis the company went through. Lego spent some time researching why it wasn’t doing so well. They even spent time asking Adult Fans of Lego (otherwise know as AFOL) what their interests are. The first Lego themed product appeared in 1999, Lego Star Wars. As you figured, it was a huge success.

I thought I’d have a little bit of fun this time with my post so now to take a page out of the Lego Movie and break down the barriers that limit our creativity!


All characters displayed in this post are licensed by their respective companies. The creation of this post may have included multiple plays of “Everything is Awesome”.

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