Christmas Keener: Holiday Gift Guide for Designers

Have a designer in your life but aren’t sure what to buy them for Christmas? You’re in luck! We’ve put together a KEEN Gift Guide for Designers and Creatives to help you shop for those creative people in your life!

Since designers are artists and creators themselves, they’re big on supporting other designers and makers. Local items from Edmonton makers have been spotlighted to help you out!

KEEN’s Gift Guide For Designers




“Eww… Gross! An extremely well designed set of coasters!” – Said no designer ever. Well designed or hand-crafted housewares are an easy way to a designer’s heart. Check out a few of our office faves!

  1. Screen Printed Pillows by Emily Chu *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  2. Letterpress Cookie Cutters by Fred and Friends
  3. Colour Wheel Blanket from Colossal Shop
  4. Tea Towels by Mezzaluna Studio *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  5. Scrabble Typography from The Colossal Shop
  6. Coasters by Forge and Fell *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*



clothing gift guide for designers

Who doesn’t need clothes? Here’s a few ideas for clothes to buy for that designer in your life. You may not know what some of them mean, but trust us, designers will love them!

  1. Porcupine Tank by Salgado Fenwick *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  2. Night Sky Long Sleeve by Whiteout Workshop *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  3. Pathfinder Shirt from Cotton Bureau
  4. Explore Canada West Sweatshirt by Flannel Foxes  *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  5. Lorem Ipsum Shirt from Cotton Bureau
  6. Premium Ampersand Crewneck from Ugmonk


The Gift of Learning

learning gift guide for designers

Designers are nerds. They love learning and doing hands-on things. Here are a few of our fave learning gifts!

  1. Skillshare Subscription
  2. Justine Ma Workshop: Calligraphy and Brush Lettering *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  3. Art Gallery of Alberta Membership *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  4. City of Edmonton Workshops *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*



book gifts for designers

Back to the nerds thing, designers also love other designers’ books and magazines.

  1. In Progress by Jessica Hische
  2. Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin
  3. Uppercase Press Magazine Subscription *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*
  4. How Magazine Subscription
  5. Brand Standards Manuals
  6. Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan 


Printed Pieces

Print gift guide for designers

Here are a few really awesome printed items by some well known designers and letterers. Tons of neat items can also be found at local craft shows.

  1. Pop Chart Lab Infographic Prints
  2. Daily Drop Cap Prints by Jessica Hische
  3. Emily McDowell Bags
  4. Let’s Grow Together Print by Justine Ma *LOCAL SPOTLIGHT*


Hopefully this gift guide has helped you get some ideas for what to buy for the designers and creatives in your life. Happy holiday shopping!


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