Goal Setting: My Journey to SeaWheeze

It’s mid-January. You’ve been dedicated to your New Year’s resolutions for a little over two weeks and you’re feeling confident. Or maybe you’ve skipped going to the gym for a couple of days and you keep telling yourself that you’ll go tomorrow, but you get home from work and the glow of the TV seems more enticing than a rush of hard-earned endorphins. According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. Shocking, right?

Last January I was very much in a winter slump. I was depressed by the lack of sunshine we get here up North and craving some sort of excitement in my life. Something big. I just didn’t know what.

While browsing lululemon’s blog I came across the SeaWheeze Half Marathon. I am, or was, by no means a runner; but something sparked inside of me and I decided I should do it. My friends and family warned me that maybe it was too big of a goal. They suggested I start small, do a couple 5 or 10km runs in 2013 and then sign up for the half marathon in 2014. I wouldn’t have it. Despite asking people for advice, deep in my gut I had already decided. So one gloomy winter evening after work I registered for SeaWheeze, one of the few impulsive decisions I’ve made in my life. (I tend to REALLY think things through.) Just like that, my 2013 goal was set: Run my first half marathon. (That’s 21.1 kilometers in case you didn’t know.)

The next day I was on the treadmill and I didn’t stop. Running was such a liberating experience. It was an escape from the stresses of daily life. It was my time and I loved it. lululemon was there for every runner along the way too. They provided training programs throughout the winter, and in the spring they released an iPhone app. They even sent every runner limited edition SeaWheeze shorts to train in. It was such a thrill to see someone out running in those shorts. I’d see some stranger on the sidewalk and I wanted to shout “Go SeaWheeze!” at them out my window. lululemon really created an incredible community all across North America, and even Europe. From a marketing perspective, good on ya lulu!

As if SeaWheeze wasn’t pushing me enough, I nervously signed up at my neighbourhood Running Room for their Half Marathon program. I was reluctant as many of the participants were older, but running with a group really pushed me to never give up. Every week after my long Sunday runs I’d call up my Mom and say “Guess what?! I ran 10km today!” I did this every week all the way up to 22km. I couldn’t believe myself and what I was capable of.

Race weekend was an overwhelming experience that was absolutely amazing. I travelled alone for the first time in my life and loved the freedom it gave me. lululemon planned the entire weekend like a champ and there was never a dull moment. From a limited edition SeaWheeze store, sunset yoga on the beach, an expo offering everything from free popsicles to massages, runner’s brunch and a post-race Sunset Festival, my legs were pretty much Jell-o come Sunday. Every detail was thought of, down to the timing chips being an image of Chip Wilson’s face. GENIOUS! The standout moment for me from the entire weekend was about 7km into the race. I was so overwhelmed that I was actually in Vancouver running the half marathon, the mass amounts of people all colourfully dressed in lululemon, and the exuberant energy flowing through the streets I started to cry. Talk about runner’s high.

So what is the purpose of this long-winded blog post? Don’t set a New Year’s resolution. It’s all talk. Set a goal.

If you have a gut feeling, go for it. Think about how you’ll get it done later. I encourage everyone to not set resolutions, but to set smart goals. Set a date you want to achieve it by, strategize how you’ll get it done and tell everyone what your goal is. The more public you make it, the more committed you’ll be to making it happen.

I’ve set a few personal goals for 2014 and one of them is to run SeaWheeze again. Now that I’m a bit more of a seasoned runner I can set an actual time goal. Registration opens this Thursday, January 23 at 10:00am. If you want to get fit, be inspired by amazing people or just have a lot of fun, I highly recommend you sign up. Watch the video below if you don’t believe me:

This year, the entire team at Pure Vision is setting some goals. Both corporate and personal, we are all getting together to share our goals and help each other achieve them. By setting these goals, we hope to become a better version of the company and ourselves. Here’s to an awesome and inspiring 2014!

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