We’re going to CAMP!

There’s this really awesome digital design conference in Calgary that’s starting on Sunday, and a few of us from Pure Vision are going! It’s called CAMP Festival and the speaker lineup is jam packed with talent and genius. On Sunday, a few of us will be attending a special 40 person only workshop with Stefan Sagmeister, where will we learn “How to Touch Someone’s Heart With Design”. The details are quite mysterious and vague, and we’re feeling a little nervous and a LOT excited for this amazing opportunity! All we’ve been told is to bring a bunch of art supplies, a digital camera, and a laptop. I CAN’T WAIT!

I love design conferences because they are an opportunity to recharge, get inspired, and bring some energy and excitement back to the rest of the team at Pure Vision. It sparks imagination and connects us as a team. There’s nothing like learning a new way of looking at something or a new technique to use from the pros in our industry.  It helps us to push the boundaries, and it makes our work stronger and more original. It’s important for us creatives to stay creative!

Stay tuned for an overview of the conference and some of the awesome things we learn – I can’t wait to share. For real time updates, follow Pure Vision on Twitter. For those of you that are going to CAMP as well, Pure Vision will see you there!

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