Goodbye Winter Olympics, See You in 4 years
Winter Olympics

Sports. It is one of the few things I can say I truly love with great passion. So you can imagine when the Olympics roll around, I am one very happy person. What more can I ask for, when I can watch two weeks of the greatest athletes in the world competing at the highest level of competition.

However, I wanted a post that could be enjoyable to someone who doesn’t necessarily watch sports. So I wanted to share some of the things from the Olympics that isn’t necessarily about watching athletes compete. Instead here are some interesting stories, facts and lessons I’ve learned during those two weeks.

Did you know that the Olympic rings are coloured the way they are because it represents the colours on each country’s flag. Mind blown!

Olympic Rings and Country Flags

Norway has a population of 5,136,700 and leads all countries with 329 Winter Olympic medals in total. The United States comes in second with  281 Winter Olympic medals but has a population of 317,638,000. Can you say winter powerhouse?

During the Olympics, I have enjoyed watching the video series on CBC’s Olympic website. This year they produced a series called Science Says. It wasn’t my favourite compared to CTV’s Superbodies series, but I still found it fun to watch while learning something new. As for a non sports related series, My Russia provided an insight to Russian culture and it’s history. These won’t be online for too long (I’m guessing) so check them out before they’re gone.

Now for those car enthusiasts out there, BMW built team USA’s bobsleds. It features a carbon fiber body, the same material used on BMW’s own electric cars. The sleds are smaller in size compared to the traditional sleds but are more aerodynamic to produce more speed (and looks good). However, the new material and smaller size meant the sled weighed less, which is not a good thing in bobsledding. The maximum weight for a sled is set at 374lbs. So BMW had to cleverly distribute the weight in the sled. Maybe in the future we will see Ferrari or McLaren get in on the action.

Finally it simply amazes me when athletes show their commitment and dedication to their sport. So here’s a couple people who I thought deserves some praise.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen aka “The King of Biathlon” – I bet you have never heard of him. I certainly haven’t until this year. By the way, he’s 40 years old and most likely competed in his last Olympics this year. You might now be thinking, wow he won a medal at 40, that’s amazing. He won two in fact, both of them gold. But what’s even more amazing is that Ole has 13 Winter Olympic medals as a Biathlete. He broke the Olympic record this year to become the most decorated Winter Olympian. So next time you think you’re too old to do something, think of Ole. He’ll prove you wrong. Did I also mention that he’s Norwegian?

Sarah Burke – This is  one name I will never forget from these Olympics. She didn’t compete but it was her dream to see her sport included at the Winter Olympics. Here’s how Sochi volunteers paid tribute to Sarah.

Sarah Burke Tribute

Next stop, Rio for the summer olympics (but I secretly like the Winter Olympics more).

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