Havana Nights: KEEN Christmas Party 2016

When it comes to the annual KEEN Christmas party, we know how to PARTY. This year all the KEENers voted on the theme Havana Nights for the party and came dressed in their best Cuban attire, complete with khaki pants, button-down shirts and saucy dresses. Some super KEENers took it as far as flowers in their hair and Cuban cigars to accessorize their outfits.


A big shout out to Amy, Lisa and Nicole who took decorating the hall by the reigns and created a tropical space complete with fresh fruit and a giant table for drawing – a graphic designer’s paradise!

Havana Nights Party Decor

The evening kicked off with a Cuban-inspired dinner of rice and beans, pulled beef, sweet potatoes, and caramel cake amongst other delicious items, courtesy of Elizabethan. We also had a mojito bar going all night complete with all the garnishes.

Havana Nights Christmas Party

Once our bellies were full, the team gathered for some fun-money gambling courtesy of Diamond Sound. We had so much fun with the Vegas Casino theme at last year’s Christmas party that we had to break out the fun money for the second time. From Blackjack, to Roulette and Craps everyone won big – likely because we had some awesome dealers who give us major hints or threw in the odd extra $1,000 every so often. We had some big winners and some great prizes were raffled off to the winning tickets.

havana nights casino

When our pockets were empty, Alejandro joined us from Etown Salsa for a little salsa dancing lesson! Alejandro was a super instructor with an energy that filled the room and got us all movin’ and shakin’. While we weren’t as suave as our instructor, Shereen’s Boomerang videos expertly conceal our lack of coordination.

The dancing continued into the night long after Alejandro left, making for a stellar evening. A special thanks to Nic for being our Christmas party coordinator and her vision for a fun-filled evening.

Merry Christmas to all!

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