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Healthy living can be hard. It seems like there’s always a holiday coming up that requires a some heavy eating, and hey, food tastes good! But we’re big believers that fitness leads to awesomeness, and we’ve been seeing some great benefits, both individually and as a business!

In the midst of life, it is hard to remember that “healthy” feels good. But it does, it really does and this week we are really starting to feel goooood!

Fitness for business at spinunity

Some of the KEEN ladies at Spinunity!

At KEEN there are volleyball players, spinners, curlers, runners, boxers and more. And everyone embodies the same belief that happiness and health live as one.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about fitness on our blog. There are lots of personal benefits to incorporating a workout into your day, like improved mood, team building, and increased metabolism. But aside from each of us individually feeling better, there are a ton of other benefits.

The benefits of fitness for business:

  • We look good 😉

  • Recruitment

    • People want to work at a place that believes in work life balance and pushes you to be your best.
  • Confidence

    • We are in the business of offering expertise, whether design, communications or marketing. We need to instill confidence in our clients, reinforcing that they are in good hands. To do so we need to feel good about ourselves and be confident individually and corporately.
  • Clear thinking

    • Everyone gets stressed and I know MadMen has taught us that a stiff drink takes the edge off, but we prefer working out. A clear head helps us to focus better at work and enjoy the hours outside the office more.
  • And networking

    • We meet tons of cool people who we already have a connection with and can relate to on a non-business level. i.e. the key to lasting relationships.

Now the same applies to our brand, our clients and you! Look at your company or brand as whole and ask yourself: What is your brand’s health status? Are you active? Do you emit confidence? Do people want to work for you? Are you communicating strategically or sporadically?

I don’t have a perfect stat to place here reflecting that healthy brands are 90% more profitable or have 80% higher employee retention, but I am sure that stat is out there. What I can say is that happiness is the pursuit everyone is after, CEO, employee, customer or volunteer. So if health equals happy, why are so many of us not following the simple equation!?

Insert excuses here.

Health and business were never branded as a perfect marriage but times have changed. Gone are the days of extreme late nights, TV dinners and smoking rooms. You know why? Cause it sucks. Nobody wants to live at work, eat junk, feel awful and do it all over again the next day. And maybe it’s my millennial way of thinking that evokes such passion on this topic, but I see healthy people and brands making it work everyday, so I know you can too!

Most people and companies search for a quick fix. Maybe a team-building event once in a blue moon, maybe a new breakfast shake that is going to reinvigorate the morning. But we live in a results-driven world, especially in business and when results don’t happen over night, it’s easy to revert back to unhealthy practices.

If you take a look at your communication, your staff and your reputation, do you like what you see? If not, maybe the best step for your business is a shift in thinking.

The economy will always add pressure to budgets but something that should never get cut is the commitment to health. You don’t need to sell runners or kale smoothies to have a healthy brand–just focus on communicating and producing work that makes people feel good, emit positivity and commit to it. Change won’t happen over night but it’s worth it.

If nothing else, join the craze – health is trending and happiness is always in search so do your brand a favour and emit fit!

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