Does knowing HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure help you understand it anymore than you did before?

Chances are that’s probably a no. Thankfully for you, we did the research on it so you don’t have to! HTTP and HTTPS is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website you are connected to. You may not have noticed a difference between sites using HTTP vs. HTTPS in their website URL, but it actually makes a huge difference. When a website doesn’t have that extra “S” at the end of HTTP it means all communications sent are in something called “plain text” and as a result can be read by any hacker who has broken the connection between your browser and the website. This gets even trickier when a site requires users to share their personal and sensitive information like your banking details or SIN numbers.

HTTP vs. HTTPS on Google Chrome

Any website that asks for someone to share their information through a form or payment gateway will be affected by this on Google Chrome come October, and let me tell you it’s a whole lot of websites. Up until now websites that had the HTTPS would say “secure” in the URL bar, while websites that were considered insecure (because they were only HTTP) would just have a small symbol that had to be clicked on for a user to learn they were on an insecure website. Now the browser will warn users when they navigate to an HTTP website that their connection is “insecure”, discouraging them to share personal information with the website

Making the Switch to HTTPS

Lucky for you this can be fixed by utilizing a secure protocol to encrypt your communications and add that ever so important “S” to to the end of the HTTP on your websites. In other words, HTTPS will create a secure handshake between the website server and the user’s web browser. Essentially the two sides of the encrypted connection are given the ability to have a conversation and make sure there is no middle man hijacking information someone is giving to the website they’re surfing.

Another added benefit of attaining the ever so important HTTPS standard is that your website will be more trusted by search engines and rank higher in search results for users, who wouldn’t want that!

KEEN is Here to Help

Do you or your company run a website that is insecure and needs to become a HTTPS website? It’s important that you make this switch and over here at KEEN we are here to help. Our Website Development Department can work their magic on your website to get you that coveted “S” added to your current HTTP url, turning it into HTTPS and ensuring customers and users feel safe sharing their personal information with you. Contact us today to get started.


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