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In the past year I’ve become very involved in my personal health and fitness. Turns out you feel better when you take care of yourself. As a kid I always thought the phrase “you are what you eat” meant turning orange if I ate too many carrots. I’ve upped my carrot consumption and I’m proud to report I am not orange.

To help me along the way and keep track of my progress I bought a handy little piece of wearable tech called a FitBit. In its simplest form the FitBit is a glorified pedometer, but it does so much more than count steps like the “toy” you got in a box of Frosted Flakes. The FitBit has the ability to track your steps, flights of stairs climbed, water consumed, calories in and out, distance traveled and even your sleep. There are many other pedometer products available, you may be familiar with the popular Nike Fuel Band, but I chose the FitBit One because you don’t have to wear it on your wrist (I hate wearing watches).

Being an A-type personality and a designer, I love seeing my progress and tracking things on pretty charts and tables. This little device has taught me how little I move on a work day with no exercise, that I can reach my goal of 10,000 steps running around Costco and cleaning the house on a Saturday, and how many steps it takes to run a half marathon (mind-blowing!). Every aspect of the FitBit system is well designed and easy to use. I gravitate towards using the app because I can add things as I go throughout the day.

In this screen shot you’ll see an active day for me. I was vacationing in Vancouver at the time so my steps accumulated over the day walking around downtown and seeing the sights.


In this screen shot you’ll see a less active day for me. This is a typical work day with a bit of running errands and cleaning house in the evening. Some days I’ll hit only 2,000 steps! Sitting at my desk for 8 hours, sitting in my car for over an hour commuting to work, and then sitting on the couch to catch up on TV.


Each of the tiles shown in the FitBit Dashboard can be viewed in detail. The chart below shows my steps on a training day for a half marathon. I just love seeing my life in a chart!


Not related to infographics, but still design-y and cool, tech pedometers have become hot products in the fashion community and models such as Victoria Secret’s Karlie Kloss can be seen wearing the JawBone Up. Tory Burch hopped on the bandwagon and has released some fancy accessories for the FitBit Flex. Nike has also followed suit with a rose gold clasp Fuel Band. (No longer available on Nike’s site, but you can get it on Amazon here.) Slightly out my price range for a bracelet, but if I was a supermodel I’d totally buy a fancy $195 bracelet for my wearable technology.



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