Responding to COVID-19
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Marketing in a Crisis – what to do?

What a time, the world is in a state of uncertainty. No one can predict the future but one take away that we are seeing is how digital helps us to maintain communication.

Offices are able to work remotely, communication can be mass distributed and activity still tracked and collected. We all knew the world was becoming more digital but moments of crisis, like our current state have shone a light on the need for a digital presence.

Here at KEEN we have been able to alter our operations to work remotely. We are fortunate. We have a great team who is embracing tools like Gmail, Google hangouts, Slack, WhatsApp and more to stay connected and keep working for our clients.

If you have or are about to start working remote – here is our guide to working from home.

We have also been able to see how the current situation is affecting a variety of businesses. Servicing retail, construction, oil & gas, not for profit, government clients and more – we are seeing that everyone has been affected.

So how should businesses navigate these times?

You’ll need to evaluate what’s right for your business but here are a few tips that could help you out:

Don’t go dormant.

Keep staff and customers in the loop. In a time of uncertainty it is important to help maintain lines of communication. As a leadership team, inform staff regularly and notify clients if they can expect a change in service. Proactive is better than reactive.

Update your digital presence.

If your business is working remotely, share on social. If your hours have changed, update your Google My Business. Help customers know when and how best to contact you.

(Going remote also brings on new challenges like building security – if your office is shifting to remote operations, make sure your space stays safe. We have a client: Liberty Security who can help if needed)

Do a Brand Check-in.

Revisit your brand values, message and uniques. Oftentimes businesses are putting out communication but maybe not finding the time to evaluate what they are saying. Has your business evolved, is your message still relevant? Is your messaging / brand consistent on your website, social and other mediums? It’s helpful to take a step back and look at your brand and customer experience. Not sure how to do this? Reach out and we can run through a free 90 minute session with you. 

Look into your website.

Do you have a website? Is it optimized? Is it mobile friendly? Are you able to collect customer emails? Can you sell / ship your products online? If so, do you have all your logins? Are you updating it regularly? Has it been backed up recently?

With online activity increasing it will be important to have a strong, accurate digital foundation. Maybe you have thought you needed a new site but have been putting it off or maybe you’re not sure if your site is up to snuff. Reach out.

We too are a small business that want to help other businesses navigate the challenges ahead. Call us, no charge, we’ll help give some tips and let you know if you should be investing in your marketing to help service your future.

– the KEEN team

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