KEEN’S Guide to working from home
Working from with with kids

The KEEN team has gone remote. In an effort to help our team and clients stay healthy we have packed up our gear, put on our sweat pants and set up offices at home. We’re on week three of working remotely and have developed a few learnings that we thought we would share. 

Get dressed. 

If you’ve been on a call/video chat with us recently, know we’re definitely wearing pants. Not only would that be weird if we weren’t but because keeping a morning routine is important. 

Setup a workstation. 

For most, our home is a natural indication of ‘works over’. But working at home, the line between on the clock and off can blur. Set up a designated work station. This will help keep clear work time and home time.  

Stay connected.

With family. With co-workers. While we may all be 6 feet apart, finding time to stay in touch is SO important. Book google hangouts with team. Call your friends. Let your family know you’re doing okay. Send a funny meme, utilize slack and still tune in to local news. But give yourself a break, hear the latest COVID updates but make sure your day is also filled with other conversations. 

Music is a must. 

Music is good for the soul and can really change the work experience. Put a playlist together or take a listen to some of our favourites: Gregory Porter, 65th& Inglewood – Chance the Rapper, Lane 8 – Hold On, Ian Noe, Lisa Leblanc, Banks III, 3.15.20 – Childish Gambino, the list goes on!

A lot of our team is also utilizing blinkest and podcasts! 

Find the good. 

We’re starting each day with not only a team update but a share of one thing good. COVID sucks! No doubt about that but there is still a lot of good in the world, take time to notice it. 

Make time to move. 

You may not have thought your office job let you move very much but my goodness working from home can leave you feeling like a potato at the end of the day. We’ve incorporated walking meetings, morning workouts and lunch crunch to keep limber and active. An active body is an active mind! 

Utilize the free. 

While COVID has come with a lot of sudden changes, costs and cuts, a really cool thing that has emerged is businesses sharing FREE access. Want to watch exotic fish swim? Check out a mid-day opera performance? Have Olaf read your kids a bedtime story? All possible.
Here are few links to some cool FREE resources:

  1. Italian Nona teaches you to make bread from home
  2. Canada’s Wonderland takes you on virtual roller coaster rides
  3. Famous Children’s Author is teaching kids how to draw
  4. Toronto Symphony plays from home
  5. Audible just made hundreds of audiobooks FREE
  6. Swim with the fishes at the Vancouver Aquarium
  7. Olaf reads bedtime stories
  8. Paris Opera broadcasts live
  9. Astronauts read stories from space
  10. NASA makes their media library free!

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