The Long Awaited PV Fun Day

Last Wednesday, we finally partook in our long awaited PV Fun Day. It all started back in August when everyone in the office received an invite to the mysterious PV Fun Day. There was little to no information on the Fun Day, aside from the fact that it was going to be AWESOME! Over time, strange phone calls were received, followed by much whispering for the planning of PV Fun Day.

It stayed a total surprise until a few days before so proper attire could be chosen. Here’s what our Fun Day entailed!

We began the day at Rundle Park with a delicious lunch and some wiener stick air guitar.

PV Fun Day

Then proceeded to set up the slack-line so everyone could take a stab at tightrope walking.

PV Fun Day Photo2

We then took out our game faces and played outdoor laser tag which turned into a Hunger Games / Capture the Flag / Hide and Seek game, which was AWESOME!

PV Fun Day Photo4

In the end, team red won by capturing all their bean bags and returning them to the cornucopia safely, regardless of Team Blue’s cheating.

PV Fun Day Photo5

We continued to enjoy the beautiful day with ball, bubbles, beanbag toss, and bocce ball. A “B” quadfecta of fun!

PV Fun Day Photo3

After filling our hungry bellies with more food, we made our way to the Horse Races at Northlands and won millions!

PV Fun Day Photo6

All in all, PV Fun Day was a blast. It most definitely boosted some team spirit, got a good dose of bonding in, and gave us all fun hangovers the next day. I can’t wait until the next one! (In February perhaps?)

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