How we Made the KEEN Holiday Card

It should come as no surprise when I say that at KEEN we take the holiday season very seriously. We celebrated together at an amazing Christmas Party, decorated the office to the nines, start the work day off with a Christmas music power-hour every morning and everyone takes part in opening a door on a communal office lego advent calendar. When it came to our holiday card this year we decided once again to go all out.

KEEN holiday card

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We had so much fun making this that we wanted to share our process with you. So how did we get from that rough sketch to the final product?

KEEN holiday card sketch

It all started with a discussion to generate ideas and eventually finalize a theme. Once the idea of a composite image incorporating photos of the team with an illustrated winter wonderland was decided on, inspiration was gathered and that rough sketch pictured above was created to roughly lay out the card and include places for all of the KEENers. After some discussion and refinement a slightly less rough sketch was created and the whole team was brought together to get caught up to speed with the plan. 

KEEN holiday card process

When it came to photoshoot day everybody knew what they would be doing on the card and were we all came dressed in our coziest winter-wear. Throughout the day we all had our moment in front of the camera.

KEEN holiday card photos

Simple iPhone photos of everyone in their positions were used as placeholder until the final edits of the images were done. These images were placed into photoshop to ensure everyone had a place and allowed the landscape and details to begin being drawn in.

KEEN holiday card process

From there hand-drawn illustrations were drawn in around the photos and vectorized. Layers and layers of photos, vectors, and digital colouring was added until we arrived at the final piece. The cards were printed and have now been sent on their merry way to mailboxes near and far. 


Happy Holidays from all the KEENers!

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