Office Olympics Office Chair Curling

Our sixth event in the Pure Vision Office Olympics was Office Chair Curling! Our athletes would have willingly competed in this event all day, because it was so FUN. Athletes used rolling office chairs as their stones while sitting on the chair knees first, along for the ride. This resulted in bumper office chairs which is basically the best thing ever.

Our partner company Push Print hosted our athletes and set up a makeshift curling lane, with the Push Print logo acting as the button and a super legitimate masking tape circle to mark out the house. There were four matches, and the winner of each match participated in a final mega-match, with only three athletes guaranteed a medal! The competition was friendly yet fierce during each match.


First up was Matt, Anya and Patricia! Matt was determined to win, but Anya put on her game face and edged the competition out to secure her place in the final mega-match.




Nicole, Kris and Nathan went head to head and showed no fear as they slammed into each other, vying to be the closest to the button! In the end, Nathan was victorious and moved forward into the final mega-match.




Tess, Nic and Jerry battled it out in round 3, with Nic putting a little too much oomph into her curls, sending her straight through the house and into the wall behind it a few times. Tess squeaked into the house, but in the end Jerry nudged himself closest to the button, moving him into the final mega-match!

TessNicJerry_OfficeChairCurling TessNicJerry_OfficeChairCurling_2


Kim, Renee, Jenn and Nike had an extra curler in their group, which proved to be interesting in the end with all stones in the house. Talk about gridlock! Nike showed no mercy against the girls and curled his way closest to the button, moving him into the final mega-match! 



PS. If you’re at all observational, you’ll notice that Renee, Jenn and Nike are wearing different outfits in their athlete profiles than they are in their actual curling match…this is not because they demanded a wardrobe change, this is because the Official Office Olympics photographer (ahem *Nic*) somehow forgot to take profile photos of the 3 of them during all the action, and may have had to stage it mere moments ago…(oops!)


The final mega-match was intense, with Anya up against three of our male athletes – Jerry Nike and Nathan! In the end, her fierce determination and dead on accuracy brought her the most points, and the GOLD MEDAL! Jerry was knocked off the podium as Nike took the silver and Nathan took the bronze. GO ANYA GO! Way to show them boys who’s boss!



 Just for kicks, here’s a few Office Chair Curling outtakes, and an AWESOME VIDEO! 


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