Redgees 2016 winners!

We’re throwing a mini party for ourselves today. We were recently finalists for 4 Canadian Regional Design Awards (Redgees):

We just found out that we won ALL FOUR AWARDS! Not only that, our cookbook also won Best of Region!

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but…


Toot toot!

We’re so incredibly proud of our creative team for the hard work and passion they put behind every project they work on. Here are the projects that brought home the hardware.

KEEN Redgees 2016 Awards

Best Business Cards: KEEN Creative

KEEN Redgees 2016 winners business cards

Best Campaign: YAYbourhood

KC_web_portfolio_160525_YAYbourhood_04 YAYbourhood Coffee and Cookies YAYbourhood free cookies


Best Logo: St. Joseph’s College

kc_web_portfolio_161004_sjc_04 kc_web_portfolio_161004_sjc_5 kc_web_portfolio_161004_sjc_11

Best Self Promo AND Best of Region: KEEN Cookbook

5_KC_web_portfolio_160316_KeenCookbook_035_KC_web_portfolio_160316_KeenCookbook_06-04 5_KC_web_portfolio_160316_KeenCookbook_18

Thank you so much to Design Edge Magazine and the Redgees for all the hard work they do and for including KEEN among the very talented finalists!

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