Royal Baby Fever
Royal Baby Fever

We’re sure you heard that the royal baby was born yesterday. Who hasn’t?

The birth of the royal baby is expected to bring in some serious revenue for the royal family. Everyone will be rushing out to buy mugs with the baby’s face on it. Well, not me. I think Will and Kate are a pretty cool couple, but I don’t want their kid smiling at me as I sip my morning cuppa. In light of all the mayhem surrounding the royal baby, I thought I would share some of the better-designed merchandise out there. Who am I kidding, it looks cute now, but we’ll all think it’s tacky months from now. From scepter rattles to royal potty training, if you can think of it, you can probably find it.

Here are some of my favourites:

Plush Royal Diaper – A perfect behind does not deserve Pampers.

Knit Crown – To let everyone know the social status of your child in case it is not blatantly obvious. This Etsy crafter has even more crowns in her shop.

Royal Throne – Because royal children do not use a public toilet.

Sick Bag – In case you ever become so disgusted with the perfection that will be the royal baby.

Auntie Pippa Bib – Every parent wants their child’s aunt to be Pippa.

And because every child wants a jelly mold of their Great-Grandmother:

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