We scream for Ice Cream!

Here’s the scoop: we’ve recently been blessed with 11.4 litres of vanilla ice cream and 11.4 litres of chocolate ice cream from our pals at the Ice Cream Depot. All is fun and games until you’ve had one too many Ice Cream Fridays of just vanilla and chocolate. Even if you don’t have as much ice cream as we do, you could probably add a little flavour to your plain ol’ ice cream. Let’s take a look at some ways to jazz it up:




  1. Classic Bowl: Eat the ice cream straight up in a bowl. Maybe add a few extra toppings. We’ve already got this one covered–with maraschino cherries, Skor bits, gummy bears, sauces, nuts, etc. Other ideas can include PB and J, cookie dough, cereal, and fruit.
  2. Cones: Waffle and regular, whatever floats your boat.
  3. Edible Bowls: It’s always better to eat whatever you’re eating your food out of, so toss it in an edible bowl. Try waffle bowls, chocolate bowls, or cookie cups.
  4. Sandwich: Make a sandwich! The possibilities are endless here. Try mediums such as cookies, Oreos, donuts, brownies, waffles, s’mores, etc. You might even decide to mix and match! Don’t forget to roll the edges of your sandwiches in toppings to increase the calorie count!
  5. Sundaes: Go classic–make a sundae.
  6. Milkshake: Drink your ice cream, in a milk shake. Add some frozen berries and milk and you’ve got a strawberry milkshake. Or get crazy and make a mocha fudge milkshake!
  7. Banana Split: Make a banana split. All you need is some bananas, dream whip, peanuts, sauces and some berries.
  8. Floats: Put a scoop into your favourite soda and make a float.
  9. Tacos: Hola amigos! Get creative and make some ice cream tacos.
  10. Cake: Toss ice cream together and bake a cake! Try cookies and cream or a funfetti cake! Don’t bake it though, it’ll melt. Unless you’re doing baked Alaska, then go right ahead!
  11. McFlurries/Blizzards: Let’s get crazy with this vanilla and mix it up into new flavours like a McFlurry. Add some Reese bits, some Peppermint Patties, cookie dough bits, Oreo chunks and make a wild mix. You can even get festive. At Christmas, toss in some peppermint!
  12. Squares: My mom makes these amazing ice cream squares. The bottom is rice crispy squares with peanut butter and the top is a mix of dream whip and ice cream. Amazing! Please contact my mom for the recipe. (Hi Mom!)
  13. Cupcakes: Similar to a cake, just more bite-sized. Try Reese cupcakes or mint chocolate chip!
  14. With Baileys: Drizzle that booze all over your ice cream and you’ll never know what hit you.
  15. Frosties: Replicate Wendy’s original recipe for a Chocolate Frosty.
  16. Ho-Cho (Hot Chocolate): Scoop some ice cream on top of your hot chocolate and watch the goodness melt away.
  17. Coffee: What do you think ice cream is made of? Cream and sugar!
  18. Pizza: Make a pizza with all your favourite toppings. (Sweet ones, not actual pizza toppings.)

Now get out there and enjoy that ice cream!



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