Spooktacular Halloween Campaigns

Halloween can be an opportunity for brands and marketers to engage their audience in a unique and even spooky way. All around the world we see amazing ad campaigns that truly capture the essence of Halloween. In honour of this thrilling holiday, we wanted to share 5 of our favourite campaigns with you! 

In 2017, Burger King released a campaign called #ScaryClownNight. They put out commercials featuring scary clowns and told customers that if they came in the store on Halloween dressed as a clown, they would get a free Whopper. We liked this campaign because Stephen King’s IT movie was so popular at this time, it made sense to utilize clowns. See the video here!

Motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson, kept it simple by arranging motorcycle parts into the shape of a skull. They told their audience to treat themselves this Halloween, by  purchasing their parts. We liked this ad because it was very on brand for Harley Davidson, while also being a bit cheeky for Halloween. 


Oreo Nomsters is still one of our favourites. This campaign happened in 2014 and saw Oreo cookies turn into adorable little monsters in short stop-motion videos. This campaign showed that Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. See the #OreoLab videos here!

Guinness created an awesome Halloween graphic with the image below. They used a classic Jack O’Lantern face in the foam of their beer. At the bottom, it says “Treat yourself to a few pints of Irish magic in your favourite Irish pub. After all, Halloween was born in Ireland.” We love the colouring of this ad and the spooky shadows. 


Last but certainly not least, we loved the Invisible Man Halloween commercial from Walmart. The heartwarming clip shows a child trick-or-treating with a homemade costume that looks like two people. This costume allows him to collect double the treats, but at the end, you see him bringing the candy to his friend with a broken leg who couldn’t go trick-or-treating. I’m not crying, you’re crying! Watch the video here.

We love Halloween! Seeing amazing ads each year always helps us get into the spooky holiday spirit. Of course, the candy helps too ;). What is your favourite part of Halloween? Let us know in the comments or on our socials! Happy Halloween!

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