Thank You Sherwood Park, Hello Edmonton

“Adventure must start with running away from home” – William Bolitho

Since 2003, Sherwood Park has and always will have a special place as a part of KEEN history. As we move our services of creative and print under one roof, we start an exciting new chapter in our always growing vision for KEEN. Our office may be growing in size as we move, but the culture of a company that creates meaningful and positive impacts follows us to Edmonton. Once known as Pure Vision, KEEN went through a rebranding phase successfully in 2015 and we haven’t looked back. Now that we are making another significant change, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the journey that this team has been on.  

Where It All Started

Starting in his own basement, our president and owner, Matt Aubin feels Sherwood Park will always be a place he calls home. 12 years ago KEEN moved out of Matt’s home and into its former office on Chippewa Road where it originally leased space to a hair salon. From sharing over half of our office space, to now moving to a space nearly twice its size, we’re excited to grow and be under the same roof as KEEN Print and Sign. As a company that originated in Sherwood Park, we have strong roots and continuing to support  the community that has helped with our success. Companies based out of Sherwood Park such as Strathcona County Transit, Acuren, Stewart Weir and Firstline Training, to name a few, have been clients that we have had the opportunity to grow with. Community has always been a key aspect to our philosophy. Without the growth and support of the community around us, we would not be where we are today. This town has fostered a place for KEEN to grow. While we are excited to move forward, we look back on our experience with pride, humility and appreciation  of what Sherwood Park has done for us.

Inspiration for the Move

Included within the geographical reason for our move to Edmonton, there is a strong belief of work-life balance in our company culture. With many members of the KEEN team living in Edmonton already, it will create a much shorter commute for the vast majority of the company. With this reduced commute, it gives more time to enjoy some of the simpler things in life! Along with more time to kick our feet up, we are reducing our carbon footprint on our community. We came together to create an estimate of how many kilometres less each team member will be driving every day. It turns out we will be saving the environment from a lot of Greenhouse Gas Emissions! Here are some fun facts about our commute, and how it effects our carbon footprint!

  • Every day the KEEN team will drive approximately 300 km less!
  • Each day we will reduce our carbon dioxide output by approximately 200 Kg
  • Meaning each week we will save Earth from 1 tonne of carbon dioxide
  • Further meaning that the KEEN team will be saving the environment from approximately 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year!*

*Our calculations were based off of 660 grams of CO2 per km.

Along with some relief to our ozone layer, Edmonton provides so many great opportunities that KEEN looks forward to being a part of. Although we have clients across North America, we believe that a move to Edmonton brings us closer to existing, but new clients as well. With a large portion of our current corporate goals centred around growth, a move into a larger space allows for just that! More room for clients, and better yet, room for more KEEN-ERS.

Edmonton has always been known for its colourful and diverse creative community. Being a very colourful and diverse company ourselves it seems fitting we are heading into a place we can grow and fit right in! Moving KEEN Printing and Sign together under the same roof as KEEN Creative is a big step in improving our ability to coordinate both services. We always do our best to cater to our clients needs, and we believe making the move to Edmonton will help us do that. As we grow in size, KEEN is always searching for the best people.

What We Look Forward To

We already had an opportunity to discuss the fact that we will be closer to many of our clients. This is a very exciting aspect to our move and we look forward to being able to better serve our clients!

As a very active group of people, here at KEEN we enjoy exploring our surroundings and supporting local businesses. As an example, for some department meetings we will head over to the local coffee shop to discuss the tasks at hand. Although we will miss our favourite spots to eat and chat, we are extremely excited to explore Edmonton and find new favourites!

In conclusion, we want to take this opportunity to thank Sherwood Park for everything that it has given and done for us. It has helped foster our growth, and given us a place to call our second home! We are very thankful but at the same time, extremely excited for this new chapter that is ahead for us at KEEN.

You can now find KEEN Creative and KEEN Print and Sign under the same roof at 9924-45 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB. We can’t wait for you to check out our new space!

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