The Art of the Photograph

As a professional photographer who started in the industry shooting with film, I’m often asked what my stance is on digital photography.  Do I believe that it is ruining the art? There are purest that are so against it and against what you can do and how you can do it.

My stance is this, yes… and no. (super clear, I know) Let me give a bit of an explanation.  I agree that there is something unique, special, and intimate about working with film.  It takes time, dedication, and talent to produce a masterful print. It is absolutely an art. That being said, photography has gone through a huge evolution throughout time, and digital is just another chapter in that book.

I feel that digital photography is a new, modern art all on it’s own.  It is one that also takes knowledge, talent, and creative thinking to master.  It has exciting and endless possibilities, and capabilities.  It gives new artists an outlet to express themselves in ways like never before.  It’s not about deceiving people or faking things, it’s about creating viewer experiences, and evoking emotions. I for one, am excited to see the evolution of this new art.

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