The Value of Rebranding

Unless you’ve been hibernating under a rock, you’ve probably noticed something different when you opened your browser to Google in the morning: Google has a shiny new logo. The brand refresh has been a long time coming, with its serif font, awkwardly spaced letters and out-dated gradient effects. The beauty of this rebrand is that Google stuck to their roots ensuring we still knew it was the same-old Google when we powered on our computers. By flattening the mark, brightening the colours and introducing a new sans-serif typeface the brand takes on a fresh, fun and friendly appearance – exactly what Google is.

Elements of the Google logo.

Google is a perfect example of a rebrand gone right and why it is important to listen to your clients. Your logo is the face of the company. As designers we spend hours sketching and planning, refining, and selecting the perfect combination of fonts and colours to ensure that your company is putting its best foot forward. Your logo should communicate your company’s product or service and values. You’ve been told not judge a book by it’s cover, but we all can secretly admit that we do it anyways. The same goes for branding. Humans are visual people. We are drawn to things that look attractive. Good appearances communicate quality and a company you can trust. If you’re logo looks tired and out-dated customers will read into that and question the quality of your services and company atmosphere.

Google logo process.

A good logo acts as a marketing tool. If it is smart, simple in appearance, designed well and easily recognizable your logo will be memorable and stick with your customers. Take the McDonalds “M,” the classic Starbucks green siren (This brand has evolved so much that the siren isn’t even required anymore, just a green dot on a cup gets the message across – another perfect example of brand evolution) or the Nike swoop. Just these simple icons are easy to recognize in seconds and reiterate the brand wherever they are. A logo that is too complex isn’t going to stick with a passing prospective client. We are bombarded with so many images in a day, that we need to keep things smart and simple.

Maybe your company is a law firm, but you are a team of young and energetic individuals. Your logo shouldn’t be a drab sans-serf word mark in beige, it should be a bright, bold and energetic mark in a sans-serif font. Or perhaps your company has experienced significant growth in the past 10 years and is no longer a cute mom-and-pop shop branded with a $20 logo you hired your nephew to do. Your company has grown into a team of professionals and your logo should communicate that message.

It doesn’t always have to be a complex change to make an impact. Sometimes a little clean up is all you need to modernize your brand and take it to the next level. I challenge you to seriously consider your company’s mission, vision and values. Does your logo accurately reflect how you and your team feel about where they work? You are proud of the company you’ve built. Does your logo reflect the attention and care you put into your work every day? Maybe it’s time for a refresher.



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