Tools I Can’t Live Without… Web Dev Edition

Sublime Text

I find I can equate text editors to being in a relationship someone.

I use to be a nuts about Dreamweaver, I would go around telling everyone how awesome it was and how it changed my life. I knew there were going issues right from the start, but the relationship was so new and full of excitement, that I could live them. We would hang out a local coffee shops(coding) and stay up to all ends of the night, staring at each other(coding).

As the years wore on, I started noticing that Dreamweaver was getting bloated and slow. All the issues that I could live with before were just too glaring now and I couldn’t overlook them anymore. I thought Dreamweaver could change and I gave it multiple chances, but in the end we broke up. Or I should say that we parted ways and left it open for a future relationship if Dreamweaver can get its problems under control.

Sublime Text is that new text editor next door. I was a little nervous in getting to know Sublime Text at first, but as we hung out a little more, I couldn’t get enough. We started to do all things that Dreamweaver and I use to do before all the issues and heartbreak.

Simple yet elegant, not overly complicated, it gets along with all your friends(Win, Mac) including your more nerdy ones(Linux), and will always be there for you when coding late into the night.

So that’s it! Sublime is a great little text editor that can be as simple or as complicated as you‘d like.

What are you waiting for?

Sublime Text (


WAMP Server

For those that don’t develop locally, you should! Not only is it faster than the constant pushing/pulling of files from the server, but code can be tested before putting files live. You can also set server settings to match the server that you are currently developing for.

There are quite a few, easy to install local servers you can setup, I choose to use WAMP. I love WAMP, however, it’s only available on windows. If you are on a Mac or Linux user then XAMPP is another great local environment.

Check them out!

WampServer (
Xampp (



Have you ever been coding with CSS and been like, “how could this get any better?”(probably not but just pretend) Well it does! Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets(SASS).

SASS is a CSS preprocessor. It basically takes CSS and adds a bunch of the features you would usually expect from a programming language. Variables, Nesting and Mixins are just a few that you can use to organize and speed up your CSS coding.

Now, you are probably thinking, “Dude! That’s totally cool. You are right and one of the greatest people to ever live”. Awww thanks! But guess what, let’s take it even one step further!<insert>Mind blown</insert>

Compass is a framework that’s built on top of SASS. In simple terms it takes CSS/SASS and adds predefined mixins for everyday CSS tasks. For example, let’s take opacity. What lines of code do I need to make it work in most browsers, including older ones? With Compass you don’t have to remember. One line of code and it will do the rest!

Would you like to know more?




Git is a pretty popular revision control software, you may have heard of a little site based off of it, Github(

Its great way to track multiple versions of your files so that they are always up to date and can be accessed from anywhere. But Git really shines when working in teams. It can merge your teams code and  make sure that nothing gets overwritten on that big project you just started that needs to be complete tomorrow morning. Good Luck you poor bastard! 🙂

Here’s some resources for you!

Git (
Beanstalk ( Our personal favorite Repository!

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