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We have been working on some really cool things over here at the headquarters of KEEN Creative. Just when you think we had done it all, we have just started to take on the wonderful world of video, bringing it in house full time. They say a picture says a thousand words. Now, if there are 24 frames per second, then a minute of video is worth 1.4 million words! Imagine that kind of impact on your brand messaging.

Not only can video add oomph to your brand, it can deliver a bang for your buck, which makes it a great option for small businesses. Video production costs have decreased dramatically over the years and can easily be shared for free (or nearly free) on social media. The recipe is simple, make an interesting enough video, and people will lovingly share this nugget of media with their friends and families.

People tend to get hooked on the storytelling elements, which bring on a variety of emotions. Relating those emotions to the product or message is often quicker than reading text. Video also allows you to truly guide people through your message. The way that video involves this emotional connection provides increased information retention with viewers. Back in June, Volkswagon used emotion in their advertisement to get across a message that we all read time and time again.

With the original video reaching 29 million views, this video was undoubtedly shared between thousands of users on social networks. Using a range of different social networks is a key factor to sharing videos and being able to make as many impressions as possible. Cisco predicts that by 2018, video will account for 79% of all consumer internet traffic, making it statistically evident that video will play a larger role in how we promote our brands. The almighty Youtube sees about 1 billion unique visitors per month who spend more than 4 billion hours watching video during this period. As more businesses decide to integrate video into their marketing efforts, they see an increase in sales and interest in their offerings. Getting started in video early will give you a competitive edge in the future.

Videos can have a big impact in making an online sale to the consumer. Studies show that 52% of consumers say that they have more confidence in an online purchase after watching a video. Such a small piece of your marketing can add credibility to your product or service being offered.  It can show the product in action, the functionality, and the investment made by the company to show consumers why they should purchase their products or services.

Like anything else, there are different video styles that can be used as promotional videos. We highlighted a few styles below to give you an idea of the variety of videos possible.

2D & 3D Animation

Creating animated clips with 3D videos having more complex elements out of the two. Take a look at the 3D animated enchanted forest video created for Fedex as part of their EarthSmart campaign.


The use of typography, photos, and animation often set to music to display information, statistics, or whatever you please. Here’s an example of one that we did for Oil Country Engineering.

Live Action

Just like what it sounds like – a camera is used to capture things in everyday life, whether they are actors, an interview, or a variety of imagery. Check out this awesome Dollar Shave Club video.

Mr. Christie and his delicious Oreos took on a series of Vines with their quick seven second videos of Oreo hacks. We’ll wait while you watch these quick clips and then run to the nearest 7 Eleven to buy a box of Oreos and try some of these hacks for yourself.

You’re back! Wonderful! How were those Oreo sprinkles? Delicious? We know.

Let’s face it, we all love watching videos and spending countless hours stuck in a YouTube daze, where we just can’t stop clicking on the next recommended video. We are naturally drawn to entertaining content, why not give your audience what they want and make some interesting videos around your messaging.

With our expertise in creating videos and the simplicity of it being built in house, we would love to whip up something awesome for you!

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