What’s New at Pure Vision!

We’ve been busy bees here in the office. Here’s a little bit of an insider report of what has been keeping us all so busy this summer!


Here are just a few of the awesome projects that we’ve completed lately!

  1. Horizon North: We’ve recently launched the Horizon North website! Horizon North is a Calgary company that provides full service solutions for camps across Canada and Alaska for the oil and gas, energy, mining, forestry and the construction industries. This project was a valuable experience for us as we were able develop strong information architecture to create a better user experience for the customer.
  2. CADS: We’ve recently completed the website for the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS). CADS Edmonton is an organization that offers downhill skiing and snowboarding programs for individuals with physical, sensory and/or cognitive disabilities. We were able to design a responsive website for them, as well as custom photography for a great cause.
  3. Patron West: We recently produced a logo design, branding and a website for Patron West. Patron West is an equipment financing and leasing brokerage company providing access to equipment for the transportation, manufacturing, industrial, construction, and forestry industries. This project was a rewarding opportunity because we were able to increase functionality and concise messaging for a better user experience. Check out the project here!
  4. Tacten: For Tacten, we were able to produce custom photography and a corporate video. Tacten is the largest rope access service provider in North America. Producing detailed motion graphics in the video and high contrast photography for such a unique area of work is what made this project a valuable experience for us. View the video here.



We value a mix of work and play. Here’s some other fun stuff we’ve been up to!

  1. Culture Page: We’ve added a super awesome culture page on our website. It’s pulling things from our different social media accounts so you can constantly have a look inside the PV Headquarters! Take a look here!
  2. Pure Vision Instagram: We’ve recently started using Instagram (yay!) so we can share fantastic images of the latest and greatest of our team. You can follow us here.
  3. PV Games Club: Recently, over lunch hours we’ve had a PV Games Club in the works. The games club gets together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to play games, currently starting with Project Zomboid. Project Zomboid lets you have individual characters that work together to survive in a world full of zombies. Pretty cool if you ask me. Since some of us know nothing about video games, the other half of the office heads out to the nearby park to do lunch time workouts. The other days of the week, you can likely find the team watching awesome movies or TV shows in the boardroom all together. Cute, right?
  4. Growing Team: Our team is constantly growing here at PV! We’re currently looking for another account excecutive. So maybe after you’ve seen our Instagram and culture page, AND you love video games or lunch time workouts, you’ll be like darn, I want to be a part of that! Check out the posting here.
  5. Water Fight: We told Matt to meet us in the park for a meeting and when he walked up, we just hosed him down and then we all had a crazy water fight on a 32º day. Best way to beat the heat!
  6. Brainstorms: We’ve been having tons of kick butt brainstorms lately, complete with pizza, pictionary and post-its!


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