Why Act in KEENness? Matt Aubin’s Vision of Kindness

I have to be honest: although I can talk comfortably a mile a minute without hesitation, writing openly has never really been my thing. I always seem to start then continually delete, rewrite, reconsider, and repeat over and over again. So when asked to write about why I chose to start Acts of KEENness, I admittedly struggled to put something down in a timely manner. So bear with me.

Firstly, you’re likely wondering, what the hell is an Act of KEENness? Well to us, it’s any act or donation of time, talent, or dollars given in kindness, service, or support of others and the community around us. It’s similar to what you’d expect from a random act of kindness, though in our case, the “random” part isn’t all that important. Sometimes it’s planned kindness, like when we decided as a group to create and donate a building sign to Inclusion Alberta, and sometimes it’s spontaneous. It can be big or small, simple or intricate, just as long as it promotes and spreads good. It’s an important part of who we are, and it’s something I’m excited to be able to share.

I’m a firm believer that what goes around, comes around and that we all have a responsibility to help our community and others in general. I believe that we’re all connected in some way and that one small act can make a big difference. I can think about seemingly small things that have happened to me that have made a huge impact in my life, and subsequently affected others around me.

In this way, I view Acts of KEENness like a single drop of water in the ocean. Initially, one drop hits the water making a ripple. That ripple multiplies and grows in magnitude affecting a larger body of water. With enough drops, those ripples can turn into waves. I feel strongly that our job is to make waves in the world around us, to spread joy and to help in our community. To pass it along, and to pay it forward. Our hope is that while we’re swimming, others dive in with us.

There’s a saying that resonates with me: “The affect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” It sounds cliché but there really is so much more to life and happiness than money. We’re given the opportunity to build, create, and spread goodness on a daily basis. Whether we realize it or not, what we do creates those ripples that turn into waves. If there’s a chance that we can spark a movement through Acts of KEENness, I don’t see a reason not to.

When it comes down to it, the question isn’t really a Why, but rather a Why Not?


One thought on “Why Act in KEENness? Matt Aubin’s Vision of Kindness

  • Linda Winski

    Well done, Matt! A nice piece of writing and more importantly, a really nice initiative to put into action! I totally agree with your statement that ‘we are all connected’ and that every act has an impact somewhere. With that said, what better way to build a caring community and world than to spread acts of kindness and KEENness wherever we are! Congrats for such positive and creative leadership. I’m sure your team supports you all the way!

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