Why you should work with a creative agency on your social media

Gone are the easy days of social media. It’s not just posting a witty caption with a somewhat decent photo. A lot of work, strategy and expertise goes into publishing a post. Social media is one of the strongest ways to connect with your audience and it should not be thought of lightly. To be the most effective, your social goals must align with your business objectives, all while reaching your target audiences.

Reasons why you may want to consider working with a creative agency:

Not sure where to start?
A creative agency can help make sure that you’re not just posting for the sake of posting. By working with you, they are able to develop a strategy to post meaningful content that achieves your business goals.

No time for social?
Social media is a great way to connect with people and grow your business. However, life can get busy and you might not have the time to dedicate to it. Working with an agency ensures that your social media accounts never get put on the back burner and are always a priority.

Not seeing results?
Maybe your followers are not engaging with your posts as much as you would like, or your follower count has not been growing. No matter the issue, a strategic agency can help you analyze and come up with a new strategy to better reach your audience and engage..

Social isn’t your jam.
With an agency, you will be working with an experienced team of designers, copywriters and strategists who know how and what works on social platforms for a variety of audiences. The team is able to handle a variety of related tasks as they are well-versed in digital and have the ability to execute at an efficient pace. No need to be a social guru yourself!

If some of those points are ringing true and you’re thinking, huh, maybe I do want to work with an agency on my social. Here’s how we approach it.

Strategy First
You cannot build a house without first laying the foundation. The KEEN team goes to work to plan and strategize the best options for how to manage your social media in a way that meets your expectations and aligns with your business goals. A lot of thought, planning and consideration goes into posts and you do not want to put just anything out there.

Building Momentum: The capacity to develop, draft, schedule, manage and analyze social media
A lot goes into one post – developing the look, feel and tone; drafting and scheduling content and creative; managing engagement; and overall analyzing posts. Being all in house and briefed in your brand, our team is able to work together in an efficient matter to put out a quality share.

What to say: Developing and drafting content
Are you aiming for a certain look for your feed? Do you want your Instagram grid to match and look cohesive? We want this for your brand. A creative agency like KEEN can help you curate a look for your social media that is on brand and represents all you have to offer. An agency can also help to draft content for less visual platforms, or write something to accompany that amazing photo you want to share!

Extending your voice: Managing engagement
If your business page gets a lot of comments or engagement, it can be hard to keep up and respond to everyone. A creative agency can help alleviate this by responding to comments for you, solving disputes and ensuring that everyone who needs a reply gets one.

Looking at the results: Analyzing 
An agency will put a lot of time and effort into your social media. They are as invested in your success as you are. How will you know if that time and effort is paying off? A creative agency can create detailed reports from the analytics gathered on your social page to prove success. Based on those results, your agency should determine what worked and what didn’t and can then revise the strategy to help you get the most out of your chosen social media platforms.

As social media continues to evolve and the algorithms continue to change, it’s important to stay on top of your feeds and maximize your return on investment as much as possible. This is sometimes easier said than done and can get a bit overwhelming. Working with a strategic marketing agency can help free up your time and also ensure that the correct amount of resources are being put towards your social media.

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