Working Abroad: How A Plane Ticket May Have Made Me A Better Employee

Moving countries and working abroad is always a daunting and exciting experience. Personally, I moved from Australia to Canada just in time for the winter (the coldest I have ever been in my life), but rather than being afraid of the weather, I was concerned about how I would find my feet in the Canadian workforce. Lucky for me I found my tribe. Working for KEEN has proved invaluable and has showcased the many benefits of working abroad with such a talented team.

With today’s increasingly globalized marketing campaigns and client base, working in a foreign culture continues to offer unparalleled benefits and stimulation. Transporting yourself to a unique new place isn’t just a way to test your ability to adapt, it is also a way to challenge the brain and thought process to apply new learnings to every client project.

Allow me to share a few reasons why working abroad is good for the professional wishing to challenge themselves.

Why working abroad is a good career move

Cognitive Flexibility

Each country abides by its own set of values, customs and norms in the workplace and when you transfer you have to adapt fast. Whilst it’s no easy task, leaving your comfort zone and becoming flexible and agile has the ability to challenge the core of your mind. It forces you to question the framework that you use to make decisions and interact with your surroundings. This experience refreshes interpretation skills, through processes and creativity.

An Increased Global Network

It’s no lie that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected with many interactions taking place regardless of geographical location. With that being said, working abroad gives you the chance to build relationships with people in your field on an international scale, fostering contacts that could take your career, skill set and inspiration to that next professional level.

International Experience

I’ve always believed in balance, so my personal growth is as important as my career growth. To this point, it has been an incredible experience being in Canada and learning about Canadian culture and climates. There is something unique about having new experiences as an adult that further inspires you and expands upon your knowledge, particularly when you are working in a field that you are passionate about.


If you could go anywhere in the world and work, where do you think it would be? What skills do you think you’d gain and improve? These are great questions to ask yourself!

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