A Day in the Life of #yegfood: The Best Edmonton Restaurants to Follow on Social Media
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I’m not sure if it’s because we have been in hibernation for so long, but I feel like summer is always just a tad busier for our local food scene. People are out and about, the patios are overflowing, fresh local produce is in abundance, and it’s generally just more acceptable to have sangria over lunch in the hot, hot heat. To celebrate the summer season, we have compiled a list of our favourite local eats and how they’re killin’ it on social media.

To say a couple of our team members are food enthusiasts would be a slight understatement. Over the years, we have watched the Edmonton (and area) food scene flourish, with some local spots even grabbing national and international recognition.

As our city continues to gather attention across the globe in the world of culinary arts, we wanted to highlight a few of our favourite Edmonton restaurants that do a great job sharing their craft with the online community.

Blue Plate Diner

You’re still in bed on Saturday morning and don’t really feel like making breakfast? You can always count on @blueplatediner to share what’s cookin’ in their kitchen. Props to this family-friendly local hotspot for consistent posting and for serving up some of the best breakfast in the core.

Blue Plate Diner Edmonton Restaurants


Sandwich & Sons

Meeting friends for a quick lunch date during the workweek? With a second location right in the heart of downtown, these guys have mastered the art of sandwich creation. Their mouth-watering pictures on Twitter & Instagram need no caption. If this isn’t enough to convince you, we’re not sure what will. Don’t forget to check out their homemade pickles.

Sandwich and Sons Edmonton Restaurants


MEAT is the perfect place to wrap up an evening with friends in the bustling Strathcona area. Nestled just off of Whyte, this local gem is sure to satisfy your BBQ cravings. Gold stars to the guys (and gals) at MEAT for always sharing their appreciation for their online community. (Pro tip: Check out @baconhound‘s blog for one of the best #yegfood blogs around.)

Meat Edmonton Restaurants

Transcend Coffee

The folks at Transcend definitely know how to style a photo to catch your eye while scrolling. Check out their Twitter and Instagram for the latest in #yegcoffee. Finish off your evening and cool down with a cold brew and one of their delicious sweet treats!

Transcend Coffee Edmonton Restaurants



There’s nothing like coming across a great food photo on Twitter to convince yourself you need some of that. These four Edmonton restaurants definitely fit the bill.  What do you think? Who else would you like to see on this list?


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